This is just a quick announcement that we will be tweeting session contents from PyCon US on the playful python twitter account. Follow the twitter account to keep up with the talks. Once the event is over we will do deep dives into some of the topics.

Is there a session you would like us to cover? Check out the schedule and let us know in the comments below.

Here are a few threads that we have tweeted so far

Keynote by Łukasz Langa on Python's Type Hinting Feature

Keynote by Sara Issaoun on Imaging a Black Hole

Keynote by Peter Wang announcing PyScript

Closing Keynote by Naomi Ceder: A Time of Gifts

Python Oddities by Trey Hunner

All About Structural Pattern Matching (Brandt Bucher)

Reuven Lerner on Attribute access in Python

New Features in Type Hinting (Peacock)

Dataclasses for type checking (Bruce Eckel)

The Pyodide Project (Bruce Chathan, Roman Yurchak)

Hooking into the Python import system (Fred Phillips)

Why Authorisation is hard (Sam Scott)

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