About Playful Python

Playful Python is a website run by Siddharta Govindaraj. It is a companion website to the Youtube channel by the same name. The Youtube channel contains screencast videos, mostly of small python projects. This website will contain more conceptual posts, although there will not be a strict separation between the two.

I love Python, not because it is easy to learn or that you can you can do so many things with it. Those are great too. But for me, Python is a really fun language to program in. The readability is great and you can write very expressive, concise code. You can be creative and keep learning fun new concepts. Hence the name of this site – Playful Python.

In this site, we will explore some of those fun features. Many beginners to Python quickly learn the basics: simple data types, loops, conditionals, functions and so on. And then stop there, as there is a real dearth of content on the next step forward. That's why I created this site, to explore some of these features and how to use them. You will find that Python has a lot to offer, and you will soon be writing code that is not only functional, but also beautiful and a joy to read and write.

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