This week was EuroPython, the biggest Python conference in Europe and probably the biggest global conference after PyCon US.

Big conferences like these are a great way to get a quick understanding of the trends in the industry, and that's why we regularly cover these conferences. In case you missed any of the previous conferences, you can catch them all at the link below.

conference - Playful Python

This time Ravi and I teamed up for the conference, so we have even more talk coverage than ever before.

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Kindness & Promises - Petr Viktorin

Large Language Models: From Prototype to Production - Ines Montani

The Future of Microprocessors - Sophie Wilson

Welcome to Your World - Andrew Smith, Nicholas Tollervey

DevOps vs AGI - Joanna Bryson

Day 1

Robot Holmes and The MLington Murder Mysteries - Johannes Kolbe

Rust for Python data engineers - Karim Jedda

Building Native Rust Modules for Python - Arthur Pastel

Would Rust make you a better Pythonista? - Alexys Jacob

Q&A Panel for Data Science Newbies

Polars vs Pandas - What's the Difference? - Cheuk Ting Ho

Continue Thinking Small: Next Level Machine Learning with TinyML - Maria Jose Molina Conteras

How we are making CPython faster. Past, present and future - Mark Shannon

The Python Package Repository Accelerating Software Development at CERN - Phil Elson, Ivan Sinkarenko

Stop using print! Understanding and using the "logging" module - Reuven M. Lerner

Dynamically generated methods with a non-generic signature - Adrin Jalali

Writing a Python Interpreter from scratch, in half an hour - Tushar Sadhwani

Spiral Python - Jan Kroon

Day 2

How to land your new Python Developer job: A Recruiter's Perspective - Giordano Tuvo

From Idea to Production - Flavio Percoco, Honza Král

Cultivating a Performance Mindset - Nar Saynorath

High Volume PDF Text Extraction using Python Open Source Tools - Harald Lieder

pip install malware - Max Kahan

Music Information Retrieval with Python - Mateusz Modrzejewski

Story Generation using Stable Diffusion in Python - Nilesh Jain

Python on ARM Architecture - Diego Russo

Day 3

A Brief History of Data Storage - Eli Holderness

Face Off: Brute-force attack on Biometrical Databases - Roy M Mezan

Diving into Event-Driven Architectures with Python - Marc-André Lemburg

Subclassing, Composition, Python, and You - Hynek Schlawack

Python Organizers' Panel: Exploring Community-Driven Python Conferences

Time Made Easy: Simplify Date and Time Handling with Python's Pendulum - Abhinand C, Jothir Adithyan

Fish and Chips and Apache Kafka - Tibs

Teaching Children Python - What Works? - Mykalin Jones

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