Building robust, maintainable python applications with pytest and TDD

Back in 2015 I wrote the book Test Driven Python Development (Amazon link).

In the seven years since the release of the book many things have changed. pytest is now the most popular test runner by far, and asyncio code has make a big splash in the scene.

Therefore I have set out to refresh the contents of the book, add a ton of new material, get rid of the outdated stuff and make it available as an online course. This is an extremely detailed course. At the moment I am looking at 100+ videos (approx. 10 hours of video content), cheat sheets, practice exercises and a large project to work through. I expect this course to land sometime in Q4 2022.

In the meantime, I am looking out for anyone who would like to take an early look at the material, review it and provide feedback. In exchange, I will provide a discount code to get the final course for free. If that interests you, then subscribe to this site, and I will reach out when the first cut is ready.