This weekend is PyCon US 2023, one of the biggest Python conferences worldwide.

As developers, it is always challenging to keep track of the industry. It seems every two years everything gets outdated and replaced with something else. In my opinion, one of the best ways to keep track is to follow the content from conferences like these. You don't need to learn every topic, thats impossible. But quickly going through summaries of the sessions gives an idea of what is going on in Python and maybe pick a topic or two to go further in depth.

With that in mind, we have been hard at work covering various sessions from the conference. The coverage is available as twitter threads over at @playfulpython. This page will be collecting all the threads so that you can easily scan the sessions, pick the ones that are interesting for you, and dive into the corresponding twitter thread for coverage of that session.

Note that we are still organising session reports, so there will be more additions to the page all through the coming week.

Enjoy! ❤️

Main Stage

Day 1 Keynote - Ned Batchelder

Day 2 Keynote - James Powell

Day 3 Keynote - Margaret Mitchell

Closing Keynote - Carol Willing

Special Guest - Guido van Rossum

Python Steering Council

D&I Panel

PSF Update and Community Service Awards


How Python is Behind the Science of the James Webb Space Telescope (Erik Tollerud)

How to Monitor and Troubleshoot Applications in Production using OpenTelemetry (Ron Nathaniel)

Build Yourself a PyScript (Nicholas H Tollervey, Paul Everitt)

PyScript and the magic of Python in the browser (Fabio Pliger)

Introducing incompatible changes in Python (Victor Stinner)

10 ways to shoot yourself in the foot with tests (Shai Geva)

Why you should care about open source supply chain security

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