If you have been following this site, you will know that we are currently developing a video course on building robust python applications using pytest to do test driven development.

We recently completed a small video demonstrating how to clean up an ugly set of if-else conditionals by refactoring it to use polymorphism instead. All the while we use pytest as a safety net to catch errors.

In this seven minute video you will see

  • What to do when you have the same if-else checks all over the code, but you can't take it into a separate function because the logic inside the conditionals are different.
  • How to identify when you make a mistake during the clean up and fix it within seconds
  • How to make a design change step by step
  • The parallel change technique being applied

The full course will have approximately 10 hours of video content. If you would like to see more such videos as we develop the content, click here to subscribe to the site. Subscribing is free.

Enjoy the video!

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