Playful Python is now one year old 🎉

When we started this site in April last year, we felt the need for a site that covers intermediate and advanced Python usage. There are hundreds of tutorials that teach the basics of python: variables, conditionals, loops, functions and so on. But that is also where they stop.

That is why we started Playful Python. Over the last twelve months, we have written 53 articles – an average of one every week – on intermediate and advanced Python topics.

A New Monthly Newsletter

Today, we are happy to announce that we are ready to solve one more problem that every python developers faces: Tracking the python ecosystem.

Python is known for its vast ecosystem of tools, libraries and frameworks. It is an impossible task to keep on top of everything. So we are announcing another free product: A monthly newsletter that rounds up the news from the python ecosystem.

The newsletter be sent on the last week of every month and will contain python news, highlight interesting libraries, and share articles from around the web.

While the newsletter is free, it is subscriber only. If you are reading this article as an email, you are already a subscriber. Otherwise click this link to subscribe (it's free!).

Newsletter Preview

Here is a small preview of what is coming at the end of May. Enjoy ❤️

Welcome to the first issue of the Playful Python monthly newsletter 🐍

This month was the biggest conference in the Python community: PyCon US. This means there is a lot to talk about. Lets get started 👇🏾

📖 In this issue:

  • PyCon US Roundup – This year was the twentieth anniversary of PyCon. Get an overview of the conference, the hot topics, and a glimpse of what the future holds
  • ChatGPT – ChatGPT has been the buzz throughout the Internet over the last few months. How can we leverage it in our Python applications?
  • Five common asyncio errors – Asynchronous programming can be unintuitive the first time you encounter it. What are some pitfalls for programmers?

Plus, tips, tweets, tutorials and more 🔥

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